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medi vision

Custom fitting software minimizes contact, ensures accurate fit

  • Software blends digital scanning, encryption and B2B technologies to create first fully integrated patient measuring experience.
  • Minimal contact custom fitting process eliminates pulling and prodding of tape measurements and is fully mobile.
  • Ordering garments is made easier with 3-D image created during consultation.
  • (800) 633-6334

Inspired by Drive

Miko Tilt-in-Space Mobility Base

Miko Tilt in Space Mobility Base

Lightweight mobility base gives pressure relief, easy transport for child

Designed to grow with the child, the new Miko Tilt-in-Space Mobility Base features a tilt-in-space wheelbase and fully reversible Flexi seating system. The chair offers pressure relief by redistributing the pressure of the child’s back and shifting it away from posterior locations. The Quick-Lok seating interface allows the seat to be adjusted from a forward to rear-facing position, while the lightweight frame folds for quick and easy transport. The Miko with Flexi comes with a rear wheel lock, under-seat carrier and fold-away canopy.

  • (800) 454-6612

GreenWay Herbal Products LLC

Tanasi Water-Soluble 480mg Hemp Extract Drink Concentrate

Tanasi Water-Soluble Hemp Extract Drink Concentrate

Soothe your smoothie with water-soluble hemp extract drink concentrate

A few drops of Tanasi Water-Soluble 480mg Hemp Extract Drink Concentrate gives a little bump to your favorite beverage. The concentrate is a cannabinoid concentration that starts in a powder form. Each 240mg bottle contains a concentration of the cannabinoids CBDa/CBD, and each drop contains 2mg. The Tanasi brand is the first to provide a line of CBD products developed by a team of PhDs in a university setting.

  • (800) 395-7976


Modular Ramp

Sixth Generation Modular Ramp

Modular ramp has fewer parts, simplifying process for patients and distributors

  • New and improved modular ramp offers major benefits with easier assembly in the field and fewer parts.
  • Features include stiffer handrails/decking, no sharp outside edges and attractive design.
  • Product is available with picket handrails as well as custom sizes and widths.
  • (800) 355-7025


natural CBD salve

CBD Oil Salve

Rub aches away with PurWell’s pure natural CBD oil salve

Available in relaxing menthol and lavender/eucalyptus scents, PurWell’s Natural CBD salves for topical use let patients target specific ache or tension sites. Rubbed onto the skin, the cannabinoid-carrying lipids in the oil base move across skin cell membranes to spread healing mechanisms to surrounding cell and tissue layers. The salves contain full spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax and organic essential oils. They are third-party lab tested to ensure purity and potency.

    Board of Certification/Accreditation International (BOC)

     Board of Certification/Accreditation

    Expedited Survey Option

    Expedited survey option saves valuable time

    The Expedited Survey Option from the Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) gguarantees a visit from a surveyor in as fast as 10 business days. The service provides CMS-compliant opportunity to begin serving Medicare patients sooner while ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements. It also ensures providers receive step-by-step, expert guidance.

    • (877) 776-2200

    Mac's Lift Gate Inc.

    Vertical Home Lift PL-50

    Mac's Vertical Home Lift PL-50

    Residential wheelchair lift designed for maintenance-free use

    • Durable home lift can lift and lower up to 750 lbs., accommodating most electric wheelchairs and scooters.
    • Non-slip platform, constant pressure switches and railing are included for maximum safety.
    • System can operate in all weather conditions and comes with five-year limited warranty.
    • (800) 795-6227

    GF Health Products

    Traveler SE Plus

    Traveler SE Plus

    Foldable wheelchair makes transportation and seat elevation easier

    With the addition of the Traveler SE Plus to its standard Everest & Jennings wheelchair line, GF Health Products is introducing an effective combination of a standard wheelchair for transportation with adjustable seat height. The chair is easily foldable and comes with tool-free swingaway footrests or swingaway elevating legrests. A carbon steel frame with hammertone finish provides strength and durability for the patient. In addition, the TSE Plus has a two-position axle and caster fork that provides two inches of seat height adjustment.

    • (800) 347-5678

    GreenWay Herbal Products LLC

    Tanasi Full Spectrum 350mg Oil Tincture

    Tanasi Full Spectrum Oil Tincture

    Control your dose with flavored hemp extract oil tincture

    Tanasi Full Spectrum 350mg Oil Tincture is a scientifically developed formulation derived from premium Tennessee-grown hemp flower. The blend begins with a base of organic MCT oil, infused with full-spectrum hemp extract with a concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabidiol-A (CBDA). Tanasi flavored tinctures are available in proprietary blueberry, citrus, mint, and cinnamon flavors. Comes in 7 mL bottles, just right for perfect for the first-time user looking to experience the benefits of CBD.

    • (800) 395-7976




    Newly designed interface connects SystemOne to delivery tracking software

    A new interface has been introduced for its SystemOne and Point-of-Sale software solutions to Integra’s DeliveryTrack. The new feature will connect to DeliveryTrack 6.1, offering an array of delivery services through a low-cost cloud hosted version of DeliveryTrack. Combining these two platforms will streamline the process and save costs for pharmacies, according to QS/1. Among many features, the platform will give community pharmacies visibility and Rx level validation of their delivery process, allowing CMS counseling messages and driver’s license scanning for controlled prescriptions.

    • (866) 925-8356

    American Access

    Hero Ramp

    Hero Ramp

    Skid-resistant ramp offers safer feeling going up and down

    • Designed for doorways and thresholds from 1 in. to 4 in. in height with 2 in. top lip for a smooth transition.
    • Skid resistant surface and welded construction allows ramp to be used inside or out.
    • Ramp surface on 6 in. rise provides over 25% more surface under wheelchair.
    • (888) 790-9269




    HME software streamlines billing, order processing and inventory management

    QS/1’s SystemOne helps HME/DME businesses and pharmacies remain relevant and successful, according to the company. SystemOne’s modular design lets providers select only the functionality they need and add as the business demands. Choose it for processing orders, billing Medicare, Medicaid, and third-parties, filing compliant documentation, managing inventory, and the ability to integrate with pharmacy, point-of-sale, and IVR. QS/1 serves customers with nationwide hardware support, 24/7 customer service, regulatory updates, and ongoing product enhancements.

    • (866) 925-8356

    Mighty Self



    Decompress with Balance by Mighty Self

    Mighty Self is launching Balance, a nutraceutical product designed to support natural inflammatory response and help calm nervous tension. Balance is formulated with full-spectrum whole plant hemp-based CBD extract in combination with complementary bioactive and apoptogenic herbs that help the body’s processes to boost mood, calm the mind and relieve nervous tension. Key ingredients in Balance include CBD, phenethylamine, hordenine, DL-phenylalanine; ashwagandha (herb); theobromine (a flavanol antioxidant compound); and curcumin, a compound found in turmeric that supports a healthy inflammatory response, antioxidant activity and cell protection. Balance is non-psychoactive, contains no artificial flavors and is sugar free. Each bottle contains 25 capsules (suggested usage is one capsule per day).

    • (415) 625-3214

    GF Health Products

    Wheelchair Positioning Tray

    Wheelchair Positioning Tray

    Easy-to-clean wheelchair tray designed for relaxation

    Ideal for eating, reading and writing while seating in a wheelchair or resting in bed, the new Wheelchair Positioning Tray by GF Health Products has an ergonomic design with contoured cutout and a comfortable beanbag-style base. The tray is easy to clean and includes depressions to place cups or bottles. A convenient carry handle is attached to the tray, which also comes with a washable nylon cover, which provides a zippered small pocket on top and a side pocket.

    • (800) 347-5678


    Millennium Series Van Wheelchair Lift

    Millennium Series Van Wheelchair Lift

    Popular wheelchair lift offers strong platform and durability

    • Wheelchair lift provides strong, stable platform that is fully hydraulic in operation.
    • Users regulate the life operation by the standard handheld control, on-lift controls or optional remote control.
    • Easy side-entry access to the platform prevents user anxiety about tight parking spaces.
    • (800) 946-7513

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