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CBD Essentials First Aid Kits

CBD Essentials First Aid Kits

CBD Essentials First Aid Kits offer comfort, relief

Cannaisseur Brands announces two First Aid Kits featuring its topically applied terpene-rich CBD Essentials product line. The CBD Essentials First Aid Kits are offered in both “standard” and “deluxe” sizes. The standard kit includes 1.5 oz. Pain Relief Cream, 1/3 oz. CBD Essentials Massage Roll-On and 0.15 oz. CBD Essentials Lip Balm. The deluxe kit includes 1.5 oz. Pain Relief Cream, 1 oz. CBD Essentials Salt Soak, 1 oz. CBD Essentials Body + Massage Oil, 0.15 oz. CBD Essentials Lip Balm and CBD Essentials Transdermal Patch.

    Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)



    Accreditation Commission for Health Care reinvents program

    • Learning management system improves the education experience for healthcare providers, as they prepare for and maintain their accreditation and licensure.
    • Enhancements will be made over the next few months to better serve other healthcare professionals.
    • Formally known as MED U.
    • (919) 785-1214


    DynaRide Series 1 and DynaRide Series 4


    New wheelchair duo offers comfort, support

    Dynarex has launched two new wheelchairs: the DynaRide Series 1 & DynaRide Series 4. The Series 1 model comes with a steel frame powder-coated silver vein. The Series 4 model comes with carbon steel frame powder-coated silver vein. Both wheelchairs have black padded nylon upholstery and padded arms.  They also have “push to lock brakes” and have precision sealed wheel and caster bearings. An added feature to the DynaRide Series 4 offers a seat that can be expanded from 16 in. to 18 in. and are extra lightweight for easy transporting.

    • (800) 396-2739

    Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP)

    Community Health Accreditation Program

    CHAP Accreditation

    Flexible Standards and Experienced Site Inspectors

    • CHAP has created accreditation Standards of Excellence for HME which reflect state and federal laws, as well as best practices in the industry.
    • CHAP standards provide guidance and structure, and are flexible to accommodate many business models.
    • The standards detail all the necessary requirements and components of policies and procedures.
    • (202) 862-3413




    Sleep better with PūrSlēp night-time cannabinoid formula

    PūrWell introduces PūrSlēp, a night-time cannabinoid formula that contains oil extracted from plants that is rich in beneficial cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBN, and CBG. Each batch is lab tested for purity and potency to ensure proper, consistent dosage. Benefits of PūrSlēp for health professionals and the public include full-spectrum hemp CBD products rather than CBD isolate, specialty formulations for specific conditions, complimentary product samples for patients and free training and support for staff.




      Quokka keeps children in casts and braces comfortable and safe

      The Quokka is a convertible child restraint system that meets a range of postural requirements with an ergonomic design. The Quokka can be used in rear facing for a child that weighs 5 – 39.6 lbs, and forward-facing orientation can be used for a child that weighs 22 – 39.6 lbs. The Quokka’s Spica positioning wedge ensures a casted user is kept both upright and stable during transit. The sides of the seat are specially formed to fit legs that are casted or in a brace, while the head and neck are held secure with the adjustable head support and multi positional 5-point safety harness.

      • (844) 876-6245


      Turny Evo Seat

      Turny Evo Seat

      Turny Evo Seat makes handicap vehicle transfer smooth, effortless

      The BraunAbility Turny Evo mobility seat is a vehicle transfer seat for SUVs, trucks and vans that moves completely outside the vehicle and lowers it down to the user’s desired level. This makes it easier for you to sit down or transfer from a wheelchair. Once you're seated, push a button and the Turny Evo transfer seat will lift you inside the vehicle. The Turny Evo vehicle transfer seat can lower the seat to users’ level, whether they’re transferring from wheelchair to seat or seat to wheelchair, you can always transfer to a lower point.

      • (800) 946-7513




      SoomSafety offers peace of mind regarding medical device recalls

      Soom introduces SoomSafety, an iOS mobile app that lets users and providers scan a medical device and receive instructions for use, safety and recall information directly from the device manufacturer and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). SoomSafety users scan the barcode on a medical device to automatically identify it and store it in the app. Once a device is stored, the app checks for FDA recall information, provides next steps in the event of a recall and pushes notifications if the device is ever recalled.

      • (617) 674-8209

      Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare



      Improved Trapeze assists patients in safely re-positioning themselves

      Drive DeVilbiss’s improved Trapeze offers an improved clamp design that gives patients a secure and long-lasting grip for stability and positioning. The clamp includes a rubber bumper guard to protect walls. The Trapeze comprises heavy-gauge, two-piece square steel tubing, easy-to-adjust Trapeze height and hand bar extension, and brown-vein finish. It can support patients weighing up to 250 lbs.,and provides a tool-free installation for metal frame headboards and steel framed floor stands. The 13009TRAPBV package comes with a Trapeze, bar and clamps.

      • (877) 224-0946

      Cefaly US Inc.



      e-TNS devices designed to prevent, treat migraines

      Cefaly is the first FDA-approved external trigeminal nerve stimulation (e-TNS) device for the prevention of migraine attacks. The device was approved for migraine prevention by the FDA in 2014, and in November 2017, it was approved to be used during a migraine attack with or without aura. There are three Cefaly products available to migraine patients with a medical prescription: Cefaly PREVENT, Cefaly ACUTE, and Cefaly DUAL. The PREVENT device is a 20-minute prophylactic treatment, while the ACUTE device is a 60-minute treatment that can help rescue a migraine in progress. The DUAL device combines both the PREVENT and the ACUTE treatments.

      • (203) 309-5670

      Assisted Living Technologies

      Walabot HOME

      Walabot HOME

      Walabot HOME allows seniors independence, safety through fall detection device

      The Walabot HOME is a high-tech, fall-alert system that is designed specifically for the user’s bathroom. This device is the first of its kind to not require a wearable necklace or bracelet. Instead, it rests on the user’s bathroom wall. The device begins by learning the user’s bathroom. Then, it monitors for situations that indicate a fall. If a fall occurs, the Walabot HOME contacts the emergency contact through a two-way phone call and a text message. If the user stands up, the alarm will be disabled.

      • (203) 634-8668

      Sunrise Medical (US) LLC

      Switch-It Cool Cube

      Switch-It Cool Cube with Pro Spot Proportional Switches

      A new level in customizable power wheelchair speed, direction

      The Switch-It Cool Cube with Pro Spot Proportional Switches system is designed to give power wheelchair users flexibility in switch management and performance. The Cool Cube central hub input ports interface with multiple types of switches and sensors, and when combined with Pro Spot proportional switches, users have control of their power wheelchair’s speed and direction. Pro Spot proportional switches offer full and continuous range of speed and direction. The percentage of programmed speed is directly proportional to the pressure the user applies on the switch. In addition, each switch correlates with an auditory tone to inform users of which switch they are using.

      • (800) 333-4000


      Hip Chair with Adjustable Foot Rest

      Dynarex Hip Chair with Adjustable Foot Rest

      Hip Chair allows sitting without bending at hip, reduces stress on joints

      The Dynarex Hip Chair with Adjustable Foot Rest is designed to let patients with arthritis or who have undergone hip or knee surgery sit without bending at the hip, while also reducing stress on joints while entering and exiting the chair. The solid hardwood chair features a vinyl seat and backrest designed for comfort. The vinyl is washable and water-resistant. The footrest has three height adjustments to ensure an ergonomic fit for each patient. The chair can withhold patients up to 300 lbs.

      • (800) 396-2739


      Philips Cares Aging & Caregiving service

      Philips Cares Aging & Caregiving service

      A new way to be there for your loved one

      Philips Cares Aging & Caregiving service is a digital experience that aids aging loved ones in keeping their close family and friends up-to-date on their care, giving them notifications and meaningful insights into their loved one’s wellbeing. The Philips Lifeline personal alert button lets an aging loved one connect with a trained care specialist 24/7 to dispatch the right kind of help, and now, family and friends can also manage this service through the digital experience. The Philips Cares mobile application will be available to download from the Apple and Google Play stores, as well as accessed via web browsers.

      • (855) 223-7395

      Sunset Healthcare Solutions



      A refreshingly simple option for CPAP users on the go

      H2Doze is a 16.9 oz bottle of distilled water that is TSA-cleared for CPAP patients to carry through airport security or check with luggage. The bottle is labeled as medically necessary for CPAP patients, allowing the patient to travel with it on domestic or international flights. One bottle of H2Doze accommodates two nights’ sleep, and patients are free to check as many bottles as necessary. This bottle eliminates the difficult search for travel-sized portions of TSA cleared distilled water and allows for CPAP to be flexible with their travels.

      • (877) 578-6738

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