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extriCARE 3600 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

extriCARE 3600 NPWT

NPWT system gets updates to make it more user friendly

The newly redesigned and PDAC-approved extriCARE 3600 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) system is designed to be simple, reliable and effective. We’ve updated the pump color and interface to make it more innovative and user-friendly. The extriCARE 3600 utilizes an optional 400cc or 1000cc canister capacity. It includes a rechargeable and long-lasting battery, easy-to-use software and smart alarms, making it perfect for a facility or transitioning a patient home.

    Prochant Inc.

    Prochant Revenue Acceleration Platform


    Prochant Revenue Acceleration Platform

    Prochant’s technology team brings automation and AI technology together to deliver efficient, responsive revenue cycle at scale. The system offers configurable AR queues and allocations, including contextual tasking, workforce balancing, claims, and holds. Data, analytics and insights are compatible with Brightree, CPR+, CareTend, HDMS, and TIMS. More than 30 operational and business metrics and dashboards are available and proactive alerts and drilldowns to diagnose and solve problems. Robotic Process Automation includes EV and prior authorization, automated cash posting, AR inquiries and resolution actions. The platform offers AI and machine learning, including payment prediction, denial prediction, EOB and ERN extraction, and handwriting recognition.

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    Breas USA

    Vivo 45 LS

    Vivo 45 LS

    Scaled-down ventilator offers wide range of care applications

    The Vivo 45 LS, one of the smallest Life Support ventilators available, provides invasive and non-invasive ventilatory support in home, post-acute and hospital applications for patients greater than 5 kg (11 lbs.). Designed for patient independence and mobility with an ultra-small footprint, it also features comfortable eSync trigger technology plus ultra-quiet operation. It also provides etCO2, SpO2, FiO2 and PtCO2 monitoring and remote connectivity with the cloud-based EveryWare by Breas application.

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    ZPods sleep-scape


    Unique sensory bed helps sleep-resistant children

    The new zPods line of enclosed beds with parent- or child-controlled “sleepscape” options that users can tailor to their own needs. The bed includes USB ports and a new app to serve the needs of kids with sleep issues. Designed for children who have a sleep disorder or sensory processing disorder (such as kids who are autistic, schizophrenic, ADHD, or bipolar, for example), the beds help them “tune out” the stressors in their environment that prevent them from getting good sleep. Features include air circulation, full-spectrum LED lighting, Bluetooth speakers, and a touch control panel that pairs with a smart device to let parents make sure the lights go out when they’re supposed to.


      AirSense 11

      AirSense 11

      PAP device helps new sleep patients start and stick with therapy

      ResMed AirSense 11 is a PAP device designed to make starting and staying on PAP treatment easier and more convenient for patients. It combines the same therapy modes of AirSense 10 AutoSet and AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her, with enhanced digital support features — including Personal Therapy Assistant in myAir by ResMed and Care Check-In — which tailor setup and acclimation support based on your patients’ needs.

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      Analytix Healthcare Solutions

      Analytix Healthcare Solutions

      Analytix Healthcare Solutions

      HME billing services provider offers analysis, management and reporting

      Analytix Healthcare Solutions helps medical equipment companies and physician offices maximize operational efficiency and financial operations with revenue cycle management. By handling insurance eligibility, claims, denials, collections, and more, the company ensures providers can focus on best practices and high-level patient services. By letting Analytix manage daily workflow and processes, HME providers can focus on strategically growing their business while always staying ahead of accounting and billing.

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      Nonin Medical, Inc.

      7500 Pulse Oximeter and the WristOx2 Model 3150

      7500 Pulse Oximeter

      Non-invasive tabletop pulse oximeter is designed for homecare use

      The 7500 Pulse Oximeter and the WristOx2 Model 3150 with USB Wrist-Worn Pulse Oximeter. The 7500 is a portable tabletop device features hybrid averaging to identify true desaturations and minimize nuisance alarms. The 3150 with USB is a wrist-worn solution whose applications include overnight oximetry studies, six-minute walk tests, and homecare use.

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      Golden Technologies

      BuzzAbout GP164 Power Wheelchair

      BuzzAbout GP164 Power Wheelchair

      Wheelchair combines comfort and performance features

      The BuzzAbout GP164 Power Wheelchair offers a captain’s seat with contoured support and higher back for longer seating tolerance and comfort. Other features include motion-sensing LED running lights on the footplate and rear handle. The wheelchair offers a 300 lb. weight capacity, offboard charging, and easy disassembly for transport. The BuzzAbout offers a combination of performance and maneuverability for indoor and outdoor use.

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      Ever-Soft Alternating Pressure Air Cushion

      Dynarex Ever-Soft Alternating Pressure Air Cushion

      Alternating pressure air cushion provides three comfort settings

      The Dynarex Ever-Soft Alternating Pressure Air Cushion is a premium-grade cushion designed to help relieve pressure wounds and increase user comfort. The cushion features a system of interconnected air cells that inflate and deflate to help increase blood flow and redistribute body pressure and a digital pump that provides three comfort-level settings and adjustable cycle times. Ideal for use in homecare and long-term care settings.

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      Bleep Eclipse

      Bleep Eclipse

      Mask cuts out headgear to increase user comfort, compliance

      Bleep Eclipse is a no-headgear CPAP mask utilizing MagSeal technology for the only clinically proven no leak, rapid on/off CPAP therapy experience. No headgear means no over-tightened mask, no morning strap lines on the face, no matted or damaged hair, ability to sleep in any position, dramatically reduces claustrophobia. Billable as a nasal pillow mask under codes A7034 and A7033. The mask’s development was partially funded by NIH Grant designed to improve PAP compliance.

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      Prochant Inc.

      Prochant Analytics

      Prochant Analytics

      Suite of RCM tools designed to help providers' back office

      Prochant Analytics is a web-based, interactive business intelligence solution built from the ground up for the healthcare revenue cycle. Designed with the provider’s back office in mind, it monitors all key areas of the healthcare revenue cycle: open orders, held revenue, and accounts receivable balances. It calculates key performance indicators such as DSO, payment rate, write-off rate, denial rate, 90-plus, A/R percentage.

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      ACU-Serve Corp.

      ACU-Serve with ACU-Insight


      Business analytics tool gives providers a total view of their RCM

      ACU-Serve is powered by ACU-Insight, a robust business analytics tool that allows providers to manage the revenue cycle with a holistic view. ACU-Serve developed the toolset to accommodate a client base with varied software platforms across numerous states and payers. ACU-Insight collects the data from multiple facets of your organization and delivers it in an actionable manner. By intelligently queuing up only the claims that need work and eliminating unnecessary touches, ACU-Serve can reduce the number of claims being touched and, in turn, lower the cost to its clients.

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      Stander Inc.

      EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator HD

      EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator HD

      Bariatric rollator folds up small but supports up to 500 lbs

      While lightweight and portable, the EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator HD is a heavy-duty rollator that supports up to 500 lbs. For portability, the EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator HD folds two to three times smaller than the average bariatric rollator.

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      Trella Health

      Trella Health

      Marketscape Insights

      Market data service gives HME providers a competitive edge

      Marketscape Insights helps HNE providers maintain and grow their businesses by providing access to clear market data insights specific for their lines of business. Whether the focus is on new referral sources, expanding product lines, or protecting market share, Marketscape Insights allows for business development teams and sales to have a competitive advantage by taking a data-driven approach to achieve their growth and performance goals.


        rtNOW HME Services


        Telerespiratory service provides remote NIV follow-up

        rtNOW’s experienced RTs can schedule a virtual remote ventilator follow-up. The telerespiratory therapists send an SMS text or email to a provider’s customer or caregiver in the home to create a HIPAA-compliant remote video appointment. The provider’s patients are instantly connected to an RT that can follow the provider’s protocol for ongoing ventilator follow up visits. The rtNOW team thoroughly documents, and providers are given a real-time dashboard for full access to patient data.

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