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  • The Technology Side of HME & COVID-19

    Rob Boeye of Brightree discusses his company’s four-pronged approach to helping providers respond to the public health emergency. 08/06/2020

  • software

    How to Use Software to Identify and Track Performance Metric

    HME providers know they need to track data and metrics to improve their business and operations strategies, but what does that actually mean in practice? 07/07/2020

  • sleep therapy

    How to Provide Optimal Communications for Sleep Resupply

    Consistent patient communication, a key element of any successful resupply strategy, has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic. 06/18/2020

  • Optimizing Technology for a Better HME Business

    HME providers’ long-term success hinges on regular technology education so that they understand the array of software tools available and how they can strategically implement those solutions throughout their businesses. 06/11/2020

  • Serving Sleep Patients During COVID-19 — and After

    To tackle COVID-19, a number of solutions have been deployed to continue providing sleep therapy products and services to patients during the pandemic. How will that impact sleep care and business models after the PHE? 06/02/2020

  • e-prescriptions
    robot arm

    'To E or not to E'

    Pharmacies have been handling e-prescriptions for some time, but the technology has reached the world of DME. How should DME pharmacies weigh the pros and cons? 04/01/2020

  • tim paden

    NavCare Announces New Chief Medical Officer

    Dr. Tim Paden, a family medicine doctor in Arkansas, will provide strategic guidance and oversight to chronic care management service provider’s clinical team. 04/01/2020

  • IT options

    Weighing the IT Options

    As a pharmacy continues to offer DME, it will eventually need to start billing Medicare. At that point, it will likely require additional software to handle those claims. How should a pharmacy proceed? 12/01/2019

  • Products & Technology
    enhancing efficiency

    Enhancing Efficiency

    Software companies are increasingly focused on tools to integrate with other services to create a seamless experience for HME providers, their referral partners and their patients. 12/01/2019

  • Products & Technology
    HMEB New Product Award 2019

    The Best of the Best

    Now in the sixth year of hosting the annual HMEB New Products Award competition, our panel of provider judges has landed on some HME products and services that truly deserve some time in the spotlight. 12/01/2019

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