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For post-acute care organizations, resupply can be a complex process—even more so when managing multiple lines of therapy. Brightree ReSupply is an industry-leading innovation providing single-source data capabilities to support frictionless workflows and business optimization for a flawless patient experience.

Brightree’s multi-therapy ReSupply program is designed to increase the frequency of fulfillment via automated, cloud-based technology, which can improve patient care and profitability exponentially.

By utilizing Brightree’s new solution, businesses can leave behind the antiquated manual processes surrounding resupply, including scheduling, document retrievals and signoffs, identifying and remedying at-risk populations, and upholding compliance requirements. With Brightree’s cohesive, zero-touch approach, providers can access analytics tools that help them measure outcomes, track performance through KPIs, and identify areas of missed opportunities. Expanding far beyond CPAP supply ordering to include the multiple disease states spanning diabetic care, urology, wound management, and infant feeding, businesses can maximize preorders and secure fulfillment more quickly and accurately than ever before.

Boosting efficiencies can lead to referral satisfaction across the care continuum by building trust with physicians who feel confident their patients’ resupply outcomes are achieved.

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