June 2018 HME Business

June 2018


2018 HME Business Handbook: Oxygen

How To Optimize Portable Oxygen Business Efficiency

How respiratory providers offering portable oxygen services can maximize their efficiency gains.

2018 HME Business Handbook: Oxygen

How To Enhance Oxygen Care Through Remote Monitoring

Remote device and patient monitoring are making in-roads into oxygen therapy. What do oxygen providers need to know?

2018 HME Business Handbook: Accreditation

How To Use Accreditation To Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Accreditation represents much more than an obligatory paperwork requirement that comes up for renewal every three years. it’s an opportunity to use the process as a means to sharpen their business strategies.

2018 HME Business Handbook: Compression

How To Use Compression To Reach The Women's Health Market

Compression products are an excellent method for reaching the women’s health market, but it's not a slam-dunk. What do providers need to keep in mind?

2018 HME Business Handbook: MSO

How To Maximize An MSO's Education Offerings

Building a highly effective team requires education. How can an MSO membership help?

2018 HME Business Handbook: Enternal Nutrition

How To Get Started In Enteral Nutrition

Given the patient population and variety of products, providers looking to expand their revenues should look into enteral nutrition.

2018 HME Business Handbook: Home Access

How To Identify And Work With Home Access Partners

Home access can help providers tap into a vast retail market, but as the complexity goes up, a partnership might make sense. How should you approach?


Provider Strategy

Knowing Your HIPAA Risk

By Wayne van Halem

Do you meet government HIPAA expectations? Here's what the government expects from HME providers.

David Kopf

Editor's Note

HME and Blockchain

By David Kopf

What could this important security technology mean for our industry? It turns out, a lot.

Observation Deck

HME Retail: 2023

By Wayne Slavitt

What's your five-year plan when comes to your retail revenue?



Product Spotlight

DreamWear's Three of a Kind

By David Kopf

Philips rounds out its line of DreamWear sleep therapy masks with a full-face option, while maintaining an emphasis on patient engagement.

building a winning team

Business Solutions

Building A Winning Team

By Mona Sabah Earnest

Four steps that will help you eliminate dysfunction, foster trust, and get groups of disparate individuals to come together for the big win.

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