Invacare Sets Minimum Advertised Price Policy

Policy applies to e-commerce providers selling specific offerings from the manufacturer.

Industry Vet to Lead Pride’s Retail Sales

Rick Michael joins mobility maker’s team as national sales manager of Retail Mobility.

Retail Sales Marketing

The 2014 HME Handbook: Retail

How to Ramp up Your Retail Sales Marketing

While retail sales offer an opportunity to drive revenue through a provider’s existing customer base, as well as new clients, providers must take every opportunity to develop and deploy retail sales and marketing campaigns that will inspire patients and clients to come to their retail stores and visit their online storefronts in order to purchase DME on a retail basis.

VGM Group Acquires Healthcare Consulting Firm

Member service group will merge newly bought Simply Shops into VGM Retail.

HME Online Storefront

Products & Technology

The HME Online Storefront

The web is playing an increasingly important role in how providers communicate with patients, market their businesses, and even conduct transactions. How can providers better wield their web sites, and how will the role of providers' online presences evolve and help shape the future of HME.

HME Retail

Business Solutions

Next-Level Retail

As more and more providers move into cash sales, and learn the fundamentals, such as merchandising, sales training and marketing, we look to some retail veterans to learn some of the advanced lessons they've picked up on the pathway toward cash sales enlightenment. Their answers help set the stage for the next steps in the HME industry's retail revolution.

HME 2014 Preview

2014 Preview

Big Ten

The seventh installment of our annual forecast of key trends, obstacles and opportunities facing the HME provider industry shows that the coming year is one fi lled with challenges, but also chances for providers to reinvigorate their revenues. We examine what’s in store for the next 12 months and how providers should prepare.

Editor's Note

Getting Creative with Retail Marketing

Providers should take every opportunity to develop and deploy retail sales and marketing campaigns. A good example would be Bath Safety Month coming up in January.

Pride Pumps up Retail Leadership

Mobility maker adds national sales manager, promotes two key, internal retail players.

Golden Adds Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Mike Scarsella will bring deep background in retail to HME manufacturer.

W.Va. Provider Heeds Call of Cash Sales

101 Mobility expands beyond VA contract into retail sales.

Medtrade Fixes Sights on Cash Sales Opportunities

October event will host a on-floor Retail Design Center and new retail product award program.


Software and Cash Sales:

Laying a Retail Foundation

Cash sales represents a key opportunity for providers to expand their revenues in order to survive deep funding cuts, but they need to move fast in order to create the sort of retail environment customers expect. How can they leverage technology to accomplish that?

Cash Sales

The 2013 HME Handbook: Cash Sales

Making Retail Feel Real

Cash Sales

The 2013 HME Handbook: Cash Sales

Adding Value to Add Revenue


The 2013 HME Handbook: Software

Laying a Retail Foundation

Product Spotlight

Partnering Makes Perfect

Pride Mobility joins up with well-known mattress maker Serta to offer the Perfect Lift, a lift chair with real retail appeal.

Editor's Note

The Cash Sales Hustle

HME’s retail rumba is revving up. Are you going to dance to a new tune or miss the cash conga line?

HME Retail

Business Solutions

Where the Retail Rubber Meets the Road

For many years, providers have been hearing the reasons why they need to expand into cash sales to drive new revenues, and have been learning ways they can accomplish that. But what about the real world lessons providers are learning about retail? We interview various providers with retail track records to get their insights into cash sales.

HME Big Ten

2013: The Year Ahead

Big Ten

It's that's time of the year again: The HMEB Big Ten. In the sixth annual edition of our list, we look at 10 key trends, challenges and opportunites that will define the next 12 months for HME providers.

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