Numotion Launches SoftWheel Demo Program

No obligation demo program lets manual wheelchair users try in-wheel suspension system.

Numotion, a provider of complex rehab technology (CRT), has launched a demo program that allows manual wheelchair users to test drive a set of SoftWheels by Numotion for one week, free of charge with no obligation to buy.

SoftWheel is an in-wheel suspension system designed to improve the wheelchair experience on uneven terrain. The shock absorbers provide rigidity and cushioning, and automatically switch between the two. According to information from the company, the suspension system reduces the severity of bumps and vibration, reduces pain and fatigue, and provides "a smoother more comfortable ride."

The company released a video of a customer named Allaina, who has been using the SoftWheel by Numotion in-wheel suspension system on her wheelchair. The video is available on Vimeo.

People who want to take advantage of the demo program can visit the Numotion site or call the company's help center at (877) 876-5332. The center is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST.

Following the one-week demo period, users who decide to purchase the product will receive a new set of SoftWheels custom-configured for their wheelchair. Those who choose not to purchase can just return the demo set to the company.

“We want more people to have the opportunity to experience the benefits these wheels offer first hand so they can experience more comfort and advance their level of mobility - at no cost and no obligation," said John Pryles, senior vice president sales at Numotion.

Further information about the demo program is available on Numotion's site.

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