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  • Strategy

    Managing Your Employees' Continuing Education

    Continuing education and training opportunities help DMEPOS providers demonstrate their commitment to clients and staff as well as governing organizations — but how do you manage it all? 07/22/2021

  • Pain Management
    Pain Management

    Ramping Up Your CBD Product Knowledge to Address Patient Needs

    It's critical for providers that are offering CBD to understand how it works and how it benefits different types of clients. 07/22/2021

  • Accessibility

    Providing Safe Home Access for Seniors

    If you're looking to help seniors live independent lives with the help of HME, then you need to help ensure they have safe access to their homes. 07/22/2021

  • Podcast

    Avoiding Common Site Survey Pitfalls

    Accreditation expert Matt Gruskin identifies some common accreditation site survey issues and explains corrective action plans and how to address them. 07/20/2021

  • Editor's Note
    David Kopf

    A Long-Awaited Reunion

    After 15 long months of not seeing anyone in the industry in person, it was great to finally get back to Medtrade West, catch up with old friends, and make some new and interesting contacts, as well. 07/19/2021

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avoiding common site survey pitfalls