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The Cash Sales Hustle

HME’s retail rumba is revving up. Are you going to dance to a new tune or miss the cash conga line?

HME Retail

Business Solutions

Where the Retail Rubber Meets the Road

For many years, providers have been hearing the reasons why they need to expand into cash sales to drive new revenues, and have been learning ways they can accomplish that. But what about the real world lessons providers are learning about retail? We interview various providers with retail track records to get their insights into cash sales.

HME Big Ten

2013: The Year Ahead

Big Ten

It's that's time of the year again: The HMEB Big Ten. In the sixth annual edition of our list, we look at 10 key trends, challenges and opportunites that will define the next 12 months for HME providers.

Problem Solvers

Making Life Easier for Everyone

How HMEs can add ADLs to their offerings, and benefit not only patients, but their bottom line through cash sales.

Problem Solvers

Making Life Easier for Everyone

Using ADLs to Drive Retail Sales

Cash Sales Merchandising

Showcasing Your Wares

How to effectively merchandize retail products.

Retail Round-Up

Products & Technology

The Retail Round-Up

If your merchandising plan does not include pairing cash products with funded products for display in your showroom (and your catalog or other sales materials), you might be missing out on an opportunity to help recoup revenue being lost to cuts, caps and competitive bidding.

Perfect Pairings

Various funded and retail products that blend well together from a marketing and merchandising standpoint.

Maddak Launches OT Circle Program

ADL maker aims to support Occupational Therapists with network

Problem Solvers

A Cash Sales Learning Curve

There are many lessons to learned in retail sales, and merchandising is a critical course.

Cash Sales

The Big Ten

Cash Sales

Cash sales continues to be a key element of our Big 10 for 2012. There’s no doubt that it will continue to be a central dynamic in the evolution of the HME industry for this year and beyond.

Cash Sales Preparedness

Business Solutions

Cash Sales Preparedness

As a variety of reimbursement cuts drive down provider revenues to the point that turning a profi t practically becomes untenable, they need new revenue sources. Fortunately, retail sales offer them a way to revitalize their bottom line. The only hitch is that providers face a steep learning curve they must surmount in short order — especially with Round Two of competitive bidding looming. How can they prepare their businesses for this new challenge?

Fast Track to Retail

Product & Technology

The Fast Track to Retail

Many providers are ready and willing to dive into retail sales, but they need an entry point. We review some key product categories that offer providers easy entry points into cash sales. We review not only categories that offer the simplest and quickest avenues into retail, but also categories that offer a growth track toward more lucrative offerings as they gain experience and expertise.

How to Boost your Retail Sales Performance

Now more than ever, providers must pursue cash sales. What are some key elements of a smart retail business?

Cash Sales

2011 Big Ten

Cash Sales

If 2010 was HMEs’ education in ‘retail 101,’ then 2011 is their graduation to cash sales graduate school.

Editor's Note:

Confidence Is High?

Providers have good reason to stay positive.

Problem Solver

Entry-Level Auto Access

Tapping into retail sales via auto access without adding the overhead of high-end conversions.

Point of Sales Sampler

A round-up of some of the point of sale hardware and software systems available to HMEs.

Business Solutions

Razor Sharp Retail

A providers find themselves on the bleeding edge of CMS’s arguably hostile policies, they need to maximize their cashflow by opening up new revenue streams. One of the best ways to do that is through cash sales, but retail requires sales and marketing skill sets that might be new to many providers. How can HMEs sharpen their sales game?

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